Vivaldi, the Red Priest

Year of production: 2009
Language: English
Country of Origin: Italy / UK
Length: 120 minutes
On-Demand Streaming Video : 5.00 €

Vivaldi, the Red Priest (Italian: Vivaldi, il prete rosso) is a film created and directed by Liana Marabini. It is about the life of composer Antonio Vivaldi, who was also a Catholic priest. It shows his relationship with the world, the Church, his spiritual battles and his love for a woman. Vivaldi is played by Steven Cree also known for Churchill, Outlander, Maleficent). In the cast we find also James Jagger, son of Mick Jagger, in the role of Alessandro Grimani, Vivaldi’s friend. This co-production between the UK and Italy intends to show the spiritual dimension of Vivaldi which is, according to the director, often ignored. The film has been broadcast by the national televisions of several countries.