The Gardener of God

Gregor Mendel (1822 – 1884) is the father of the modern genetics. He was a catholic priest and Augustinian monk who lived in the XIXth century in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The film describes his struggle to change the fiscal policy applied to the monasteries in his country, his desire to make people understand his huge discovery; his beautiful spiritual friendship with the princess Hanna von Limburg; his complex priestly ministry. And above all, his doubts about the possible negative implications of his discovery (as the selection of the human race) and his life shared between faith and science.

He was a man of contemplation and of action: A good priest. He is handsome, charitable and dedicated to God. Erica would like to seduce him, but Hanna is there, a good friend for both of them… She helps Erica to become a spiritual woman and shows Mendel how to spread the knowledge of his discovery all over the world…

Release date: 2013
TV Film – HD RED
1 x 110’
Distribution USA and Canada: Ignatius Press
Brasil: Seven Arts Corporation of America
Italy: Riviera Film
Rest of the World: Movie One

Written and directed by Liana Marabini
A co-production UK-Italy-Austria

Christopher Lambert (Gregor Mendel)
Anja Kruse (Erica von Baumann)
Maria Pia Ruspoli (Hanna von Limburg)

Christophe Lambert