A Gift from God – The Film


Title : A Gift from God
Length : 90’
Filmmaker : Liana Marabini
Cast : Joshua Consigli, Rupert Wynne-James, Karin McDonald, Kim Boulukos, Demon Pittman, Daniella Laura, David Callahan, Maria Pia Ruspoli, Matteo Cernuta, Andy Pi Nloga, Mark Biocca, Elena  Manzini, Luca Massaroli, Giulio Foccardi, Aaron MacCarthy, Claudia de Candia, Giulio Morittu,Alice Mistroni,  Cinzia Susino, Gabriele Barbetti, Patricia Salles, Adrein Dozier.
Producer : Condor Pictures, a brand of Liamar Multimedia.
Sales : Condor Pictures 
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The film “A Gift from God” was originally supposed to be a documentary.

After months of research, collection of interviews, documents and testimonies, the author Liana Marabini finally decided to make a film with actors.

The casting was long, because the search for the main actor was not easy.
The young Italian-American actor Joshua Consigli has finally been selected for the role of Michael Jackson.

Then the casting was completed with other excellent actors:
Rupert Wynne-James (Attorney), Maria Pia Ruspoli (Nurse), David Callahan (Doctor), Claudia de Candia (Elizabeth Taylor), Alice Mistroni (Karen Faye) and many others (they are in total 54 actors). Then the shooting was done and the film finalized in time to screen it at the Cannes Film Festival, out of competition.

The result is a purified and intimate film, with little action and a lot of dialogues, from which Michael Jackson’s faith is evident, which is the basis of both his life as a man and as an artist.

This film makes us discover a little-known part of the great artist: his spirituality. In fact the film begins with footage in which we see the real MJ talking about God, the Bible, his past as a Jehovah’s Witness and the period that followed his exit from this organization.

His unrequited love for Diana Ross (played by the excellent Daniella Laura), together with his incurable disease – vitiligo – are two of Michael’s greatest sufferings. But not the only ones: the misunderstanding of his peers, the ruthless press that sometimes invents facts about him, the past of physical and emotional abuse perpetrated by his father (played by Damon Pittman) on him, are just as many reasons for unhappiness.

Jackson’s faith was deeply rooted in his upbringing in the Jehovah’s Witnesses, under the guide of his mother (played by Karin McDonald), a Christian denomination that emphasizes evangelical preaching and strict adherence to its interpretation of the Bible. Although he disassociated from the Jehovah’s Witnesses later in life, the moral and ethical teachings of his early religious education remained a guiding force throughout his career. This background influenced his worldview and his art, imbuing his work with themes of love, peace, and universal brotherhood.

French composer Jean-Marie Benjamin created a new musical genre especially for the soundtrack of this film: the pop symphony.

About Michael

Success never changed him. He was a gentle loving soul, a heart that went beyond superstardom, beyond anything that he had done career wise. You don’t find the type of love that he had very often, he was truly a rare human being.

VOD Streaming : 4.00 €