Cannes Film Festival

Packed room and enthusiastic applause for the film “A Gift from God” screened as a world premiere on May 14th at the Cannes Film Festival. Journalists from 20 countries were present as well as cinema owners, TV directors and radio managers. I did this film as an act of justice in memory of a great artist, whose spirituality and kindness was exemplary, not to mention his talent, a true and authentic “gift from God” as he himself stated, since years later he continues to still be an inspiration to many young people. The screening was also attended by the leading actor Joshua Consigli, some other actors and the composer Jean-Marie Benjamin who signed the score of this independent production. ”Playing the king of pop and the spiritual side of his life made me a better man” underlined the young Italian-American actor who played Jackson to the point of perfectly imitating his voice. “It took me weeks – added Joshua – seeing and studying dozens of his interviews to get into the character. And, seeing the film today for the first time, I think I succeeded because I was moved by seeing it on the big screen with the character I played, his suffering and his faith which allowed him to give so much not only to the world of music but also personally, to those who really needed it. A true example for all of us artists who believe in our craft.”